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Technical Information
Any warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the use of Wire Rope Products apply to the minimum breaking strength of new, unused Wire Rope when tested in a standard testing machine, under controlled conditions, in direct tension, with both ends fixed to prevent rotation under load, and at a uniform rate of speed. The Terms 'Working Load Limit (WLL)', 'Capacity', 'Minimum Breaking Strength', 'Nominal Breaking Strength', or 'Acceptance Strength' contains no implication of what load a Wire Rope will withstand if not properly used, or if it suffers abuse. All equipment using Wire Rope must be properly maintained. Wire Rope and their attached hardware must be properly stored, handled, used and maintained. Most importantly, Wire Rope and their attached hardware must be regularly inspected before and during each use. Inspections must meet local, or applicable national safety regulations. Damage, abuse, overloading, or improper maintenance can cause failure and accidents. Wire Rope removal criteria are based on steel sheaves. If synthetic sheaves are used, consult the sheave manufacturer. If in doubt about the safe and proper use of these products consult
Unirope Limited at 1.800.457.9997.
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  Use and Care of Wire Rope
  Wire Rope is a Machine
  Foreword, Measuring the rope diameter
  If you have to cut a rope
  Unreeling the rope
  Connecting the old rope to the new rope
  Rope lay direction versus Drum Grooving
  Winding on to the drum
  Installation of Wedge Sockets
  Using your rope for the first time
  Efficiency ratings of end connections
  How to inspect Wire Rope
  Crown- and Valley Wire Breaks
  Number of broken Wire Discard Tables
  Reduction of diameter, Rope Wear
  Rope Stretch, Core Wire breaks
  Mechanical damages
  Corrosion, Rope Removal and Cause
  Inspection of Sheaves and Drums, Dimensions of Groove Radius
  Cut and Slip Procedure, Lubrication
  Tensile Strength and Fill Factor
  Strand- and Swage Compaction
  Rotation Resistant and Non-Rotating Wire Rope
  Sheave and Drum Dimensions
  Relative Service Life, Loss of Strength over Pins, Why Multistrand Ropes
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