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Python® Lift; High Strength Non-Rotating (swage compacted)
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to use
YES, Python® Lift ropes can be used with a swivel at the end. In fact, we suggest you use a swivel during installation and the 'break-in' period to get the rope settled. After the break in period you can lock the swivel to stabilize the rope.
When properly used, Python® Lift is stable against block twisting. Fleet angles, small sheaves, small line spacing, low block weight will negatively impact this characteristic.

Main Applications:
Main- and auxiliary hoist line for high performance mobile-lattice boom- and for all types of construction tower cranes which require a super high strength rotation resistant rope construction. This is THE true NON-ROTATING rope construction.

Rope Characteristic:
This 3-layer rope is constructed from 15 unique oval shaped outer strands over 24 alternating diameter sized inner strands. The outer strands of Python®-LIFT have 5 wires instead of the usual 7. Each wire is slightly larger for better abrasion resistance. In the inside of each of these strands we put a aluminum wire during manufacturing; this aluminum wire has NO function once the rope is in service.

Python® Lift is our strongest non-rotating rope construction, both in terms of strength with fixed AND with the ends allowed to rotate freely. The gain in strength compared with the same sized 19x7 is an astonishing 60%.

Python® Lift ropes are used where high fatigue resistance coupled with high strength and excellent non-rotating properties is required; e.g. in tunnel boring projects, subway construction, etc.

However, we do not recommended this rope to be used on smooth drums. It works best on LEBUS drums with appropriately sized groove contours.

Python® Lift ropes are classified as NON-ROTATING
Breaking Strengths
Note: The maximum CAPACITY, WORKING LOAD LIMIT (WLL), or LINE PULL of the rope usually is 1/5 of the below stated values. For specific information consult the standards applicable to your rope application.
High Stength Non-Rotating Crane Wire Rope

Class: 34x7

High strength super flexible true non-rotating rope. Oval outer strands provide for excellent sheave and drum contact area. Because of its flexibility, it is sensitive to multiple layer drum crushing and mechanical damages and thus requires grooved drums; works best on Lebus drum lagging. It is NOT a good idea to use LIFT on smooth (un-grooved) drums.
LIFT is ALLOWED to be used with swivel.
Imperial Python® - Lift
  Minimum Strength tons of 2000 lbs  
per foot
1/2 17.4 19.2 .51
9/16 22.1 24.4 .64
5/8 27.7 30.5 .81
3/4 39.0 43.0 1.14
7/8 52.3 57.7 1.53
1 69.8 76.9 2.03
1-1/8 88.4 97.5 2.58
1-1/4 109.3 120.5 3.19

Metric Python® - Lift
  Minimum Strength in kN  
1960 N/mm
2160 N/mm
per meter
10 96.2 106.1
11 116.4 128.3 .57
12 138.6 152.7 .68
13 162.6 179.1 .79
14 188.6 207.7 .92
15 216.5 238.5 1.06
16 246.4 271.3 1.20
18 311.8 343.4 1.52
19 347.4 382.6 1.69
20 384.9 423.9 1.88
22 465.8 513.0 2.27
24 554.3 610.5 2.70
26 650.6 716.5 3.17
28 754.5 830.9 3.68
30 866.1 953.9 4.22
32 985.5 1085.3 4.80
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