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PYTHON® Wire Rope.

High performance ropes for the most demanding hoisting and lifting operations.

Made in Germany.

Increased strength, durability,
and life time.

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Wire rope is a very complex machinery element which primary function is the transmission of tensile forces. Its basic constructional design allows repeated changes in the direction of pull through reeving systems incorporating drums and sheaves.

General purpose rope constructions are standardized in national (ASTM, CSA) and international standards (ISO).

However, the increasing demand for higher breaking strength, greater flexibility, better rotation resistance, and extended rope life cannot be met by such general purpose rope constructions.

The discrepancy between expectation and operating ‘reality’ has led to the development of PYTHON® High Performance rope constructions which, amongst other features, offer significantly improved operating life. This has been achieved through adaptation of engineered rope geometry and purpose designed manufacturing processes.

WDI, located in Germany, has taken a leading role in the development of High Performance PYTHON® Wire Rope as further described in this website.