End terminations with wedge sockets are most popular with tower and mobile cranes although they do not generate as high as an strength efficiency rating as swaged sleeves, swaged sockets, or spelter sockets.

Depending on rope construction and type, their efficiency rating ranges between 75% and 80%. For detailed information ask the manufacturer of your wedge socket.

The installation of Python® rope into wedge sockets is similar to that of 6- or 8-strand wire rope. Here’s a quick run down of some of the do’s and dont’s:

  • Always inspect socket, wedge and pin before installation.
  • For intermediate rope sizes use next larger socket size (e.g. use a 3/4″ socket for a 18 mm rope)
  • Align live end of rope with center line of pin.
  • Use a hammer to seat Wedge and rope as deep into the socket as possible.
  • Apply first load to fully seat the wedge and wire rope in the socket.
  • Ensure that the rope end is welded and/or properly seized before inserting the rope into the socket. Failing to do so may cause the core to slip and/or the strands to loosen inflicting serious rope damage.
    to the LIVE END of the rope BEFORE ATTACHING THE SOCKET. The clamp will prevent any looseness of the outer strands, which may have occurred during installation, from travelling along the entire rope length. If this happens you have to shorten the rope slightly but you will have contained the damaged zone to a very short rope portion.





Never use a wedge made by a different manufacturer than the socket.
Use only original spare parts.