Python® Super 8 (Types: Regular, strand compacted, swaged compacted, and DoPar)8-strand overhead crane wire rope with a plastic coated core to increase operating life, and to provide for permanent core lubrication. Type Super 8 C is a strand compacted rope for increased fatigue life, Super 8V is swaged compacted for increased strength and Super 8 CD is a DoPar HiPac type for highest strength in this rope class.
Python® Compac 88-strand HiPac® and DoPar® constructed rope for fast running overhead cranes. Extreme high breaking strength with super flexibility and long duty cycle ratings. Is available in small imperial and metric sizes 1/4” to 18 mm.
Python® Multi10 Outer strands, Category 3 rotation resistant. Developed for maximum performance on overhead cranes. This 10-strand rope features a plastic coated core for extended fatigue life performance and permanent core lubrication. Python® Multi is spin resistant to reduce block twisting on overhead cranes.
Python® Power 99-strand all steel high strength type for overhead cranes. ForcePac® swaged compacted to enhance abrasion characteristic and to reduce sheave- and drum wear. DoPar® Long Life construction provides up to 40% strength increase over standard 6-strand constructions and increased duty cycles due to enhance inner parallel strands.
Python® Ultra10-strand ultra high strength DoPar® and ForcePac® type mainly used as high fatigue resistant rope for engineered cable assemblies. Up to 55% strength increase over standard 6-strand constructions. Sensitive to introduced rotation so call before you select this rope for overhead crane applications.
Python® Construct-6High strength ForcePac® 6-strand rope for applications which require a crush resistant rope to be used on multiple layer winding systems. Because constructional stretch is near zero it can be used where a ‘pre-stretched’ rope would be required.
Python® Compac 1812 outer strands, Category 2. Due to the larger number of individual wires it is more flexible than 19×7. The rope is made with our HiPac® strands to provide for better drum spooling and less core abrasion. Recommended for Grove, Terex-, Century- Link-Belt-, and National cranes. NOT to be used with a swivel.
Python® Compac 35 and Compac 35 Plus16 outer and 19 inner HiPac® strands, Category 1 rotation resistance. Recommended to be used on tower- and European type mobile cranes. Available in left- and right hand lay as well as in regular- and lang’s lay constructions. Made to also be used in single line applications. ALLOWED to be used with a swivel. Compac 35 is available from 5/16” to 4” diameter!
Python® Compac 35PSame as Compac 35 above (Category 1 rotation resistance) but with a plastic coated core to increase fatigue life and to prevent premature inner wire breaks. Encapsulated core provides core lubrication retention. Strand compaction increases strength and sheave contact area. ALLOWED to be used with a swivel. Available from 5/16” to 4” diameter!
Python® 4-RUNNERPython® 4-RUNNER was developed for ship cranes using bulk grabs to unload coal, iron ore, and other abrasive bulk loads. Because of it’s crush resistance it is also used on pile drivers and other heavy duty construction equipment which requires a crush resistant rope for multiple layer windings, even on smooth drums.