Main Applications

Python® Compac 18 is recommended for both multipart load and single part applications where a medium rotational stability is needed. Use as main- and auxiliary hoist line on GROVE, LINK BELT, MANITOWOC, TEREX and other US made mobile- and truck cranes. Large lifting heights will require a tag line to prevent spinning of the load.

Also used very successfully as a pulling rope on underground cable pulling winches.

NOT recommended for construction tower cranes.

Rope Characteristics

The HiPac® process creates a super smooth outer rope surface which has shown great improvements when working on multiple layer drums. The super smooth rope surface makes this rope glide against each other as it spools into the next drum wrap; interlocking and the associated ‘grinding’ and mechanical damages between the strands are greatly reduced.

Python® Compac 18 wire ropes are more resistant to the effects of drum crushing than 19×7 due to the compacted strands and smoothness of the rope surface.

With 18 strands of 19 wires in all sizes, Python® Compac 18 remains extremely flexible and easy to handle.


ASTM A1023-19, Table 31
Rotation Resistant Category 2

Python® Compac 18 ropes are ROTATION RESISTANT
but NOT non-rotating.

Breaking Strengths

Note: The maximum CAPACITY, WORKING LOAD LIMIT (WLL), or LINE PULL of the rope usually is 1/5 of the below stated values. For specific information consult the standards applicable to your rope application.

Python® Compac 18 (18×19 rotation resistant)
Rope dia. inch Nominal Strength tons of 2,000 lbs – EEIPS Weight per foot lbs
3/8 8.3 0.31
7/16 11.2 0.42
1/2 14.6 0.55
9/16 18.5 0.70
5/8 22.7 0.86
3/4 32.4 1.24
7/8 43.8 1.69
1 56.9 2.21
1-1/8 71.5 2.79